Pest Control: Tips and Secrets from 117 Experts

This is the most comprehensive list of pest control tips on the web. Knowing that small steps taken by homeowners can dramatically reduce or eliminate many pest problems, we reached out to over 100 experts and asked them to weigh in with simple, actionable pest control tips.

To ensure this is a top-notch resource you can come back to again and again, we personally contacted insiders you can trust. The experts are truly renowned and represent many sides of the pest control/DIY/entomology/gardening/organic/natural living spectrum. Naturally, there are a few differences of opinion, which we feel contribute to the authenticity of this resource. To round out a few topics, helpful tips already found on the web were curated from reliable sources and noted as such. 

Blue tips are indoor, green tips are outdoor, and gray tips are indoor/outdoor.

Insight Pest Solutions neither endorses nor takes liability for results of following these tips. We advise you to consult with an expert if you have questions or concerns.
This mark denotes tips that were curated from the web.
Company logos: the author didn’t want to provide a headshot, the tip was curated from the web, or the company preferred not to attribute their tip to one person, though it was vetted by an expert.
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Special props to Brian Dean for the inspiration to build this free resource. Thanks for the advice and troubleshooting!
Shoutout to Colin at Cambio for unparalleled customer service and patience while designing this beast of a page.

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