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"I had another company previously but still continuously saw bugs even after calling them out between treatments. I am very happy with the results of Insight."

Barbara Simpson


Why do I have to get a quote?

Variations in pricing reflect the variations in our cost of doing business. For example, the distance from other customers on our route, the size of the home and yard, and the presence of extremely conducive (bug-friendly) conditions can affect how much we charge. We do our best to give you the lowest pricing possible. Note: we do not charge extra if you already have a normal pest issue.

What type of training and background checks have technicians been through?

Each technician passes detailed background checks and character assessments, completes industry licensing and training, and develops into a genuine pest expert through ongoing trainings that make up our program called Insight University.

We focus on understanding the science behind the bugs in order to find the safest (and often simplest) solution. 

Is pest control dangerous?

Not when you hire a responsible professional that strictly follows laws, regulations, training, and common sense. Insight knows that protecting the health and safety of your family is most important. We will not do something unsafe for you, our employees, or the environment.

This is an important topic. We know that many of you are interested in more details. Here's the long answer:

We are one of the top 1% of pest control companies invited to be partners in the EPA’s PestWise program for environmental stewardship. 

Our products are odorless and colorless. They are used in hospitals, daycares, nursing facilities, schools, office buildings, homes, and more. We advise adults, children, and pets to avoid treated areas until the product has had time to dry. At Insight Pest Solutions, we don’t go wild spraying products EVERYWHERE, but we don’t hesitate to use them as needed.

One thing to keep in mind: the products often have caution or warning labels similar to what you’d find on windex or something like that. When used according to the label (which is the law!), our products are not harmful to humans. In fact, dog collars which are used to kill ticks and fleas use the same active ingredient we often use. In the case of the pet collars, the product is designed to be absorbed into the body to kill fleas and ticks. Although pets are not harmed with these collars placing the product into their body, we still ensure that humans avoid direct contact with our products by placing them in out-of-reach areas. 

**For customers with known sensitivities or extreme allergies, please give us a heads up. We will gladly adjust treatment methods as needed to provide the highest level of caution.**

What's so special about Insight Pest Solutions?

There are several great pest control companies you can choose from. At Insight Pest Solutions, we focus on delivering safe results, quality customer service, technical expertise, and convenient notifications and scheduling options for our customers.

We try to be the best, but we are certainly not perfect. We would be honored if you decided to give us a shot!