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General Pest Control Questions

How does pest control work?

Once each season, a registered technician safely treats around your home to control pest populations. If additional visits are needed to control pests between seasonal treatments, they are included at no charge. Based on the unique variables for each situation, we have a variety of treatment methods to control pests. Some products are designed for an instant reduction in pests, while others are time-released. Some products attract pests, some go unnoticed by pests, and some repel pests. If possible, we remove their reason for entering the home, or prevent them from doing so.

Is pest control dangerous?

Not when you hire a responsible professional that strictly follows laws, regulations, training, and common sense. Insight knows that protecting the health and safety of your family is most important. We will not do something unsafe for you, our employees, or the environment.

This is an important topic. We know that many of you are interested in more details. Here's the long answer:

We are one of the top 1% of pest control companies invited to be partners in the EPA’s PestWise program for environmental stewardship. 

Our products are odorless and colorless. They are used in hospitals, daycares, nursing facilities, schools, office buildings, homes, and more. We advise adults, children, and pets to avoid treated areas until the product has had time to dry. At Insight Pest Solutions, we don’t go wild spraying products EVERYWHERE, but we don’t hesitate to use them as needed.

One thing to keep in mind: the products often have caution or warning labels similar to what you’d find on windex or something like that. When used according to the label (which is the law!), our products are not harmful to humans. In fact, dog collars which are used to kill ticks and fleas use the same active ingredient we often use. In the case of the pet collars, the product is designed to be absorbed into the body to kill fleas and ticks. Although pets are not harmed with these collars placing the product into their body, we still ensure that humans avoid direct contact with our products by placing them in out-of-reach areas. 

**For customers with known sensitivities or extreme allergies, please give us a heads up. We will gladly adjust treatment methods as needed to provide the highest level of caution.**


What if I have pets?

We love pets! Our products do not harm mammals. If you have birds, reptiles, or fish, please let us know so we can use the right products near them. Your pets will not need to leave the home as we treat.


Some people still ask "Seriously...is it safe for my dog?"

Here's some interesting info: Dog collars which are used to kill ticks and fleas use the same active ingredient we often use. In the case of these pet collars, the product is literally designed to be absorbed into the body to kill unwanted fleas and ticks. Although pets are not harmed with these collars placing the product into their body, we like to be extra safe by recommending that you keep adults, pets, and children away from the product until it has had time to dry (usually about 10-15 minutes). 

What if I still have bugs after you treat my home?

We can't guarantee that you'll never see a bug again, but if you are seeing pest activity two weeks after a treatment, we will come back for free and take care of it.

Someone knocked on my door claiming to be from Insight...

We hire route managers to maximize the efficiency of each route. They are often able to provide the best discounts through neighborhood-specific promotions, based on availability. Read more about our door-to-door marketing here.

How long does it take until the bugs are under control?

Pest activity should substantially decrease after your first visit. If an issue arises between visits, please let us know. As we maintain a protective barrier around your home, unwanted pest activity will become unnoticeable for most people.

Will I ever see bugs again?

Probably. If a company promises that you will never see a bug again, they are lying, uneducated, or about to do something incredibly unsafe to your property. We offer Pest Control, not pest elimination. We will control the pests in a way that keeps you safe and satisfied.

I've heard it's impossible to get rid of spiders...

We guarantee the control of all types of spiders. Although spiders are more difficult to control than most pests, they will die or move on after a few weeks.

Why do I need pest control year-round?

Pests don't magically disappear during the winter. They seek safe harbor, and they certainly prefer central heating, if accessible. Pest continue to feed, breed, nest, and hatch throughout the winter, in preparation for an explosion of activity in the spring and summer.

What is IPM?

IPM stands for Integrated Pest Management. IPM is a modern school of thought that focuses on insightful solutions rather than spraying tons of chemicals every chance you get. We use pest biology, exclusion, and common sense in conjunction with pesticides to protect your home from ants, spiders, and the like.

Can’t I seal all the holes around my house to keep bugs out?

Unfortunately, that would be impossible. Many pests can squeeze through crevices the size of a pin head.

Can’t I do Pest Control for myself and save money?

If you are familiar with integrated pest management, have a variety of products, and time to spare each week, it is possible to get a degree of control that suits many people. If you are looking for a friendly expert who is eager to safely protect your home right away, we are happy to help!

Will this kill butterflies, ladybugs, or other cute/desirable bugs?

Some of the products we use could harm desirable or beneficial pests, so please let us know if you have pet insects or preferred bugs. We do not intentionally target beneficial pests. 

Will this affect frogs, snakes, lizards, etc.?

Our treatments will not directly reduce the population of reptiles. However, most customers notice a significant reduction in frogs, snakes, and lizards because we are removing the food source for these pests. They will go elsewhere in search of food.

What if I have an ant hill or some other problem way out in my yard?

Let your technician know about it and he’d be happy to do a spot treatment on your property.

What if my neighbors don’t get pest control?

Your home will still be protected. We guarantee your pest issues will be controlled, regardless of whether you are the only person on the block with pest control.

Insight Pest Solutions

What guarantees do you offer?

We offer free retreatments between regular visits for all pests covered in the service plan. We guarantee your technician will greet you with a smile. If free retreatments aren’t enough to control an interior pest in your service plan, we will refund your last payment.

What do you do differently than other pest control companies?

First, we want to tell you there are several great pest control companies you could choose from. At Insight Pest Solutions, we focus on safe results, quality customer service, technical expertise, and convenient notifications and scheduling options for our customers.

Do you have any specials, deals, promotions, coupons, etc.?

Yes. View our Coupons page.

How long have you been in business?

Insight was started in 2010. Many of our employees have substantial experience and national recognition within the pest control industry. To get more familiar with us, view our About page.

Why do you occasionally sell your service door-to-door?

By gaining new customers in the same geographic area as current customers, we are able to save time and travel expenses. We pass on these savings by offering extremely favorable pricing.

What other services do you provide?

Termite Control, Mosquito Control, Flea and Tick Reduction, and more. For a complete list, click on the page for our nearest location and then scroll down to the Pest Programs section.

First Treatment

What is different about the first treatment?

The first treatment is designed to get the bugs under control. The following treatments keep the barrier up so pests don’t come back. Additional time and materials are used to get the process started.

How long does it take?

The first treatment takes 40-60 minutes on average.

What is a time-window?

We will arrive during this two-hour block of time. If your time window is 9-11am, your technician may not arrive until 11am.

Do I have to leave the house?

No. You can stay home, no problem. We simply ask that you let any treated areas dry for 15 minutes before touching them.

Why do I see more bugs after the first treatment?

If you see a temporary increase in pest activity, that is normal. This is one signal that our treatment is working. If the activity has not calmed down within two weeks, let us know.

Quarterly Treatments

What is the process for quarterly services?

Once each season, we will notify you in advance that we are coming out. If you would like the interior treated again, let us know so we can schedule an appointment. Otherwise, we will perform a full exterior treatment. Your technician will perform an inspection, take care of pest activity, take steps to prevent future pest activity, and provide info and tips to help you protect your home.

Do I have to be home for my house to be treated?

No. As long as you aren’t seeing any pest activity in the home, we can keep the barrier up around the outside and you should be good to go.

How do I know when you’re coming?

We will send an automated phone call or email letting you know when we are coming. If you need an interior treatment done, we can schedule an appointment. If the interior is fine, we only need to reapply the exterior treatment.

What if it’s raining or snowing?

Our products can be applied in bad weather. They will bond to the surface and continue to protect your home for approximately 90 days before breaking down. However, in cases of extreme weather, we typically reschedule for another day.

How do I know you actually treated my home while I was gone?

We leave a flyer on your door that explains the treatment and products used. Whether you are home or not, we want to properly protect your home and prevent the need for a re-treatment.

How do I leave a quick note about my house for my technician?

Visit our Contact page to write and submit a short note for your technician.

Will I always be treated on the same day once every 3 months?

Typically, no. Due to many variables, the exact service dates usually vary.


Who is my technician?

Check out the Meet the Team section of your branch’s page. We try to keep you with the same technician as much as possible, but routes do get rearranged from time to time.

What type of training and background checks have technicians been through?

Each technician passes detailed background checks. In addition to required industry licensing and  training, we hold Insight University trainings and tests to help each technician become an expert.

Do I get to keep the same technician each visit?

We try to keep the same technician assigned to your house. Boundaries do change occasionally, but we do our best to provide continuity for you.

What if I don’t like my technician?

If you would like to request a new technician, please let us know.

How can I leave private feedback about my technician?

Visit our Contact page and fill out the feedback form.

Pricing & Payment

Why does the first visit cost more?

The initial service visit is often referred to as a "clean-out" treatment. We spend more labor and materials to get things under control and set up a barrier around your home. Once the barrier is up, we can maintain your protection each season. How much is it?

Why do I have to get a quote?

Variations in pricing reflect the variations in our cost of doing business. For example, the distance from other customers on our route, the size of the home, and the presence of extremely conducive (bug-friendly) conditions can affect how much we charge. We do our best to give you the lowest pricing possible. Note: we do not charge extra if you already have a normal pest issue. View our Coupons.

When will you charge my card?

Your credit/debit card will be charged 1-2 days after the service visit.

What if I experience financial hardship?

We hate to hear that, but we’d be happy to help. Please contact us in advance so we can discuss potentially delaying your treatment or the date of payment being processed.

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